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What to do When Your Boss Overloads You With Work

When your boss gives you too much work, it’s not like you can complain. Doing so makes it look like you can’t handle your job. The ramifications could mean being passed over for a promotion, not getting a raise or even making the top of the list when it comes to letting people go. Instead, use one of these strategies.

Outsource Your Work

If you feel this is a short-term situation, consider outsourcing some of the more menial tasks. There are online platforms where you can hire others to do things like data entry, organizing data, and more.


If you’re lucky enough to have people under you, delegate some projects. As long as you oversee their work before handing it over to your boss, there’s really nothing wrong with delegating responsibility.

Ask For an Assistant

If your boss respects you, and you have a lot of responsibility, this might be a good time to ask for an assistant. Explain that you need to spend your time on higher priority projects and that an assistant would help free up your time, so you could help the company earn more.

Do it Anyway

This is another tactic that might work, but only if the problem is short-term. You could just put in the extra hours and do it anyway. If you’re getting more work due to seasonal issues, your workload should lighten up once the immediate rush is over. After that, you’ll be happy to take the credit for going the extra mile when the boss needed you most. That would be an appropriate time to ask about a raise or a bonus.

Sometimes a boss doesn’t realize they’ve overloaded an employee. Other times, it’s just bad management. You’ll have to decide for yourself what the best course of action would be in your circumstance.

December 16, 2021 | Jobicorn