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Should You Risk Asking Your Boss Out?

Office romps may have been common decades ago, but not now. Engaging in office romances is typically frowned upon, often against corporate policy and, in certain situations, may land you in court. But what if you sense sexual chemistry between you and your boss? What if you’re almost certain that both of you are sensing it? Do you have to forego a possible lifetime of romantic happiness just because of some silly laws?

Yes, If You Don’t Mind Losing Your Job

You have to realize that asking your boss out could backfire on you. There’s a risk that you could lose your job or, worse, have a permanent record placed in your file that you crossed a line. If you’re willing to lose your job for a date, then that’s a choice for you to make.

No, If You Have a History

Some people love the idea of love. Look back at your own history. Do you have a string of times when you fell in love with someone? Most people only fall in love once or maybe even three times in their lives. If you fall in love all the time, this could be another infatuation, and chances are that you’ll get over it. Cool your heels and wait for the flush to pass.

Go the Safe Route

If you can’t shake the feeling that there may be something worth pursuing, take the safe path. Ask your boss out to an after-work gathering, where others will be attending. If there really is a spark, it will be clear in an out-of-the-workplace setting. From there, you and your boss will be able to have a conversation about what should happen next.

Finally, remember that life is short. Do what you need to do, but remember that you need a job to be happy just as much as you need romance. Good luck!

February 15, 2022 | Jobicorn