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How to Recognize the Signs of Job Burnout

Even the best job can get old over time. It’s not bad to admit to yourself that your job is not longer giving you what you want. What can be bad is not recognizing the signs of job burnout early enough so that you can avoid stalling your career. Job burnout can cause you to turn in less than stellar work, and can potentially lead to chronic personal disappointments. Here’s how to recognize the signs of job burnout before you get burned.

It’s Getting Harder To Make Yourself Go To Work

If the very thought of arriving at work makes you want to dive back under the covers, that’s a sign you’re no longer passionate about your job. You don’t have to feel excited about every minute, but you shouldn’t have to drag yourself into work.

You’ve Started To Give Bad Service

If you’re in the customer service business, you know when you’re giving bad service or not. If you’ve noticed that you’re getting more annoyed by customers than before, it could be because you’re subconsciously ready to leave the customer service business and do something else with your career.

You Have Trouble Taking Things Seriously

Has your cynicism increased at work? Are you having trouble taking the projects you’re assigned at work seriously? If you constantly feel like rolling your eyes at work, or you can’t seem to find the reason behind your work projects, that’s a strong sign of job burnout.

Job burnout isn’t just a minor glitch. It really means you should start thinking of a new career path, or a new job at the very least. If you notice these signs, it’s probably a good idea to begin your search for some other way to earn a living.

June 24, 2019 | Jobicorn