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How to Decide Between Quitting or Staying

Are you at the breaking point where it’s time to get off the fence and choose between quitting or staying? Before you make a move, ask yourself these important questions.

Do You Have Another Job Offer?

If you already know that you won’t be out of work for long if you quit now, there’s no reason to stay in a job you’ve come to hate.

Is Your Health Being Compromised?

If your job is causing you to lose sleep, turn to unhealthy habits, or making you physically unwell, turn in your notice. No job is worth jeopardizing your health.

Is Your Family Suffering?

If your job keeps you away from home or your family is suffering in some other way because of your job, it’s time to look elsewhere. There are plenty of online jobs that don’t require your family to make sacrifices.

Do You Feel Threatened?

If someone at your job is making you feel threatened physically, mentally, sexually, or career-wise, it’s best to switch to a new job. Get out now and consider any other necessary action later.

Is Your Company Experiencing Big Changes?

Is there talk of bankruptcy, lay-offs, or an upcoming merger? If so, you might want to dust off your resume and start looking online for a new job. It’s better to quit now than to come in one morning and find your pink slip waiting for you.

Are You Having a Big Personal Life Change?

Are circumstances changing for you personally? If you have a big life change coming up, it’s probably better not to rock the boat at work. Consider staying, if only long enough for things at home to calm down before upheaving your job situation on top of everything else.

The answers you come up with will enlighten you as the best choice for you. Now you can confidently quit or stay, knowing that the decision is in your best interest!

August 15, 2021 | Jobicorn